THE Selection Process 

Sam Filmus and Chris Uhde dump a rum cask in preparation for bottling.

A Journey to the Extraordinary

We call the spirits in The ImpEx Collection gems, because to us they are as precious as diamonds and rubies—and as hard to find.

With years of experience as importers, representing some of the world’s best producers and often bottling unique single-cask selections, we know where to look for amazing spirits, and how to recognize the best of the best. These are spirits that might otherwise disappear into a blend, or never be bottled at all. We work with distilleries, cask brokers, other independent bottlers, and even private collectors to access special casks which could become a part of The ImpEx Collection.

We approach our cask selection very carefully, only choosing those we consider to be of the highest caliber, and only when the entire tasting panel is in agreement. Our team blind-tastes samples and gives their opinions without knowing the spirit’s age or cost, focusing only on its flavor, quality, and unique characteristics. Out of ten samples, we may select two casks, five casks, or none at all.

The journey is fun, but we never lose sight of what matters: pleasing our consumers. We want the ImpEx Collection to represent the highest benchmark in spirits, so that every time someone picks up a bottle, they know that an unforgettable experience awaits.

Explore the gems in the ImpEx Collection to find your next extraordinary dram.

Every Expression Exceptional

We don’t just bottle single casks that are unique. They must be exceptional and superior, offering a flavor experience you won’t find anywhere else.

In addition to single casks, The ImpEx Collection includes vattings of multiple casks and small-scale batches of unaged spirits such as mezcal. Production size is always small, because spirits this special are always rare. Once they’re consumed, they live on only in memory.

The ImpEx Collection is inclusive and inviting, welcoming people to branch out beyond what they’re familiar with and try something new. These bottles are meant to be shared, whether for special occasions or simply among friends.

A Labor of Love

The ImpEx Collection was born from a passion for spirits and is designed for other ardent spirits fans. 

“Finding the symphony of nose, palate, and finish is key. Sometimes we are looking for the original style the distillery offers and other times it’s about finding the surprise cask that is totally different from the norm. For us its about making sure those truly special gems don’t get lost and being able to bring unique and special options to the customer.” — Sam Filmus

“There is a lot of great whisky out there and choosing a cask for the ImpEx Collection is always a very carefully thought-out process. Always, when selecting a cask, I ask myself three questions:

1. “Is it delicious?”
2. “Would I be proud to share and enjoy this whisky with friends?”
3. “Does the cask fit in a complimentary way with the other casks being offered in the release?”

Only if the answer to all three is “Yes!” then I have found a cask worth including in the ImpEx Collection. — Chris Uhde

“Sometimes you look for casks that simply make for good sipping whisky (or rum, or mezcal); to just sit back and enjoy. Sometimes you find those gems that remind you why you drink said spirit. Our aim is for the ImpEx Collection to do both.” — Joshua Hatton

Special Thanks to Our Edition One Cask Selection Partners

Joshua Hatton

National Sales Director, ImpEx Beverages

Founder, Single Cask Nation

Oliver Chilton

Head Blender & Business Manager, Elixir Distillers 

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