The ImpEx Collection Felipe Cortes Bicuixe (A.Karwinskii)

Batch No. 0315FC

Distilled by Felipe Cortes in March of 2015 in a Copper Alembic still and rested in glass for over 7 years.


The nose is overripe bananas, wet stone, and classic Miahuatlán terroir. The palate is incredibly creamy with some mango and a touch of tajin spice. The finish lasts and lasts, the creamy texture doesn’t fade at all.










Region of Origin
Mengoli de Morelos Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico

Agave Spirit

After fermenting from 3-8 days in open air sabino (Taxodium mucronatum) tinas, the spirit is double-distilled in Copper Alambiques with refrescadera in which the water is changed one time during distillation.




Batch No.

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