The ImpEx Collection

17 Year Old 2004 Secret Japan Single Grain Whisky


The ImpEx Collection’s first release from Japan is one for the ages. While we are unable to disclose the distillery, we can say that this is fully distilled and matured exclusively in Japan. These casks were selected by our Vice President, Chris Uhde, because they represent both the classic elegance of whisky as well as the future of what whisky will become. Savory and rich, we love this expression and hope you will as well.

Reminiscent of walking through a warehouse full of old casks allowing whisky to peacefully sleep for another year.

Weathering Oak aromas are followed by raspberries and coconut notes that show on the midpalate.

The finish is white chocolate and Oak.

Country of Origin


Single Grain Whisky

Distilled and matured in Japan using Koji Rice, Barley, Yeast, and Water.




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