The ImpEx Collection Victor Ramos, Coyote Verde (A.Potatorum X A.Karwinskii)

Batch No 0521VFR

Distilled by Victor Ramos in May of 2021 in a Copper Alembic still and rested in glass for over 1 year


The Nose is filled with fresh green ivy, aloe, earthy chalk, and a very, very light smoke. The palate comes in vibrant yet elegant with green banana and the feeling of fresh cut grass after a light rain. The finish is back to the character of the nose with chalk and ivy. It lingers and asks for another sip.










Region of Origin
Mengoli de Morelos Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico

Agave Spirit

After fermenting from 3-8 days in open air sabino (Taxodium mucronatum) tinas, the spirit is double-distilled in Copper Alambiques with refrescadera in which the water is changed one time during distillation.




Batch No.

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